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You can create your own class webpage on ClassBuilder.  Your ClassBuilder class webpage will provide parents and students with pertinent information about your class that they can access from home or work.

  • Webpage Options: Create a Class ID.  Your class ID will be needed by your students and their parents to find your webpage on ClassBuilder.  It is also used when sending e-mail notification.

    Please note that each ClassBuilder membership is limited to one Class ID.  If the Class ID you choose has already been taken, you will need to choose another one.

    Your web address will be "<class ID>"

    For example:
    if your Class ID is
    then your web address will be

  • Edit Categories: Set up categories on your webpage (e.g. Class Notes, Calendar) to organize your class blogs.

  • Add a New Class Blog & Edit Class Blogs: A class blog serves as an online journal for your class.  It is a convenient way to communicate with your students and their parents outside of class.

  • Publish Your Webpage and Class Blogs: With just one click, you instantly publish your website and blogs to the Internet.

  • E-Mail Students/Parents: Notify your students and/or their parents when your website is updated.

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